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Sh*t-talking is an art – an art that only a few “chosen ones” have mastered beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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In a recent interview, R&B singer Miguel gave a warning out to other artists who may be thinking about jocking his style saying, “don’t nobody out there step into my f*cking lane…cause I will f*ck you up!” 


It’s kind of shocking to hear Miguel talk so much sh*t, but hey, the gift of sh*t-talking doesn’t discriminate. 

Miguel isn’t the only artist who loves to talk sh*t for a living.

EXCLUSIVE BLOG: Justin Combs Deserves His Scholarship, Who Cares If Diddy Runs The City!

The king of sh*t-talking without a doubt goes to Sean “Diddy” Combs. He is the end all, be all of sh*t-talking.

From inventing the remix to perfecting the craft of sh*t-talking, no one does it better than Diddy! 

Now, take that, take that! 

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