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“Never change.”

That’s what the drop dead gorgeous Karrueche recently tweeted to her 141K+ followers.

From the little we know about her – but for as long as she’s been dating singing sensation Chris Brown – Karrueche’s proven to be one to practice what she preaches.

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Miss Tran has never been hungry for fame or acted like a diva because of her sudden popularity with Team Breezy.

While he may be one of the ladies’ favorites, there are always a few catches when it comes to dating a superstar like Chris Brown. Karrueche may have won his heart and soul, but she’s still been forced to deal with his past.

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Karrueche has to put up with a lot from Breezy’s most famous ex, Rihanna. She is one of the baddest in the industry for sure, but that hasn’t stopped RiRi from coming across as though she is trying to break up a happy home. From the Bajan beauty’s tweets that could seem like shots fired Karrueche, to the former lovers recording two super sexual songs together, it’s not easy to be Chris’ current girl.

When RiRi showed up to the same club as Chris and Karrueche last night, the couple allegedly sent Rihanna two bottles of champagne. Chris’ current girl kept it classy and later tweeted, “kill ‘em with kindness.”

And THAT is exactly what she seems to be doing.

Girlfriends all around the world could learn a thing or two from Karrueche. People may have other reasons to say they don’t like her with Chris, but it’s clear she knows how to keep it cordial when it comes to any jealousy or insecurity.

Karrueche could easily have confronted Rihanna at any point and even thrown in a few shots of her own, but instead she’s been “Ray Charles to the bullsh*t,” and lets Chris rock. She’s also proved herself to be a very strong woman by befriending Draya, another one of Chris’ past girlfriends.

In today’s world, they don’t seem to make ’em like that anymore!

Karrueche tweeted it best when she said, “Negativity is wasted energy. I’d rather much focus on something I can gain from.”

Even Chris Brown and Karrueche haters can see that she holds her man down, while still not being fazed by what anyone else says!

I know that if I was with someone with an ex-girlfriend who was still in the picture, I might not be secure enough to suck it up and kill them with kindness.

The past should be the past, and it shouldn’t affect the beauty within the present.

For dealing with all of that, Karrueche has to have earned a spot on the list as the dopest and most ideal girlfriend for a celebrity.

She’s proven that she’s a chick who doesn’t seem to give one single f*ck. That’s a key ingredient in the recipe for a wife!

Even though people say how lucky Karrueche is to be the girl Chris chose, it’s really Chris who has come across a one in a million chick.

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