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Melanie Fiona has been going hard in the music scene for the last couple of years, and now she’s really coming into her own in the industry.

VIDEO: Melanie Fiona “Watch Me Work”

She linked up with fellow Roc Nation artist J. Cole for their track “This Time” off her sophomore album ‘MF Life,’ and now they’ve just released the video!

Melanie also recently spoke of why she got J. Cole for the track:

“I wanted some male energy on this record. I reached out to Cole and we had already done a song with Wale [‘Beautiful Bliss’] and we all just really had great chemistry on the record. I was a fan of J. Cole. We met at the very, very beginning of his career, so we’ve kind of come up together.”

NEW MUSIC: Melanie Fiona Featuring J.Cole “This Time”

Sometimes you just need some of that male testosterone around!

Check out the new music video  for “This Time” above!

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