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Up and coming indie singer Yuna delivers a beautifully delicate cover of Incubus‘ “I Miss You.”

VIDEO: Yuna “Sparkle”

The Malaysian-born 25-year-old songstress stopped by Billboard Candid Covers to perform her acoustic rendition of the band’s 1999 song.

Malaysian Singer Yuna Explains How She & Pharrell Williams Make The Perfect Music

Yuna sets the stage by explaining what the tune means to her:

“I grew up in Malaysia, and I think all the kids there, they love Incubus… When I listen to it, I just remember the fun times… and the moments that I had with my bandmates, who are a really strong support system.”

Yuna has gotten co-signs from the likes of Pharrell and M.I.A. Her self-titled album was released on April 24, 2012.

Check out the video!

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