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Since the premiere of Single Ladies‘ second season, the talk of the town has been just how fashionable these ladies look! 

Not only do they steam up the bedroom, but they also add the fire to their wardrobe.

The characters’ style caters to every female body type and almost every style. GlobalGrind takes a look into each character’s wardrobe and tells you how to add the look to your very own closet!

Denise Vasi Explains Why She Isn’t A Hopeless Romantic Like “Single Ladies'” Raquel 


Denise Vasi’s character is classic with her wardrobe selections. Raquel incorporates her preppy style into any setting, including the horse stable and the boutique. Although her style is classic, she isn’t afraid to takes risks with her fashion, which never fails!


Charity Shea plays April and represents the women in their twenties. She dresses young and flashy while incorporating color into every outfit. Even though she works in the music industry, her career never stops her from expressing her true self through fashion.

Denise Vasi Experiments With Lots Of Men In Season Two Of “Single Ladies”


Keisha, played by LisaRaye McCoy, is the single woman in the group that dresses the most maturely of them all. Keisha represents the woman with curves and wears clothing to highlight her God given blessings. Tight fitting clothing and short dresses are not the only thing in her closet, this season we see her wearing a lot of metallic, glitter and a whole lot of bling. Her fashion choices are no surprise since her character is all about showing off her wealth!

These boyfriend-free ladies set trends on the set with their characters and it’s only best to incorporate them in our own closets.

Flip through the gallery above to see the Single Ladies fashion and how you can get the look!

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