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Beyonce had a blast when she got in the middle of a mosh pit with 50,000 people wildin’ out to Jay-Z‘s “N****s in Paris” this weekend, but before all the fun, the singer had to be whisked away from a big rumble! 

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According to reports, a hater got mashed out by Jay-Z’s bodyguards after he threw shade at Beyonce when she let her guard down with the crowd-goers to partake in the mosh pit at Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend Festival in London. 

“Whatever was said, it really upset Beyoncé,” said the insider.

“Jay-Z’s bodyguards weren’t going to have any of it. They waded in and there was a massive ruckus. It got pretty ugly and Beyoncé was whisked away so she wouldn’t get caught in the middle of it.”

After things calmed down and the hater was handled like haters get handled, Beyonce continued to do her thing and enjoy her husband’s show at BBC Radio 1’s Hackney Fest. 

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Bey was joined by her sister Solange and enjoyed the rest of the show – peacefully! 

Word of advice to the haters out there: watch what you say to the Queen Bey! 

SOURCE: Daily Mail