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Earlier today, we reported that Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga called off their wedding during a tough time in Jen’s life. She was dealing with the murder trial of her family’s killer and with business travel; things got stressful and she allegedly gave David back the ring.

DETAILS: Jennifer Hudson Quietly Called Off The Wedding

Luckily for the couple, love prevailed and their marriage is now back on track. These two are one of those couples we’re all rooting for. Jennifer has been through a lot, more than anyone in this world should have to go through, and each time she’s come out on top. 

This 30-year-old is special; every time the storm clears she gets through it stronger, better, and more powerful than ever. She got cut from American Idol, dissed by Simon and turned it into an Oscar. No matter the downfall, Jennifer makes it through. 

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So when the news of marriage trouble broke, we cheered for Jennifer again and thought of all the loving moments she shared with her fiance David Otunga. 

We wanted to celebrate Jennifer and David’s relationship with this post; because there is no power stronger than love!