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Last night was the BET Awards, and while we usually would watch it for the awards and performances, a lot of us were hype to see Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kim K, and Kanye West all sitting front row together.

While Kanye and Kim kept it low key, they were still the stars of the show alongside the Carters.

Watching Kanye throughout the awards, I definitely noticed a change in him from past award shows.

Not only did he seem more relaxed, he was even a little giddy. He was laughing at everything … and I mean EVERYTHING!

While Jay-Z is usually the one showing off the most smiles, it was like the two traded places for the night. Yeezy is always so serious at award shows, and always looks like he’s pissed to even be in the crowd.

Mike Epps’ segment with Mindless Behavior seemed pretty corny to me, but Kanye smiled brighter than the ocean on a cloudless day at all of the jokes.

I think we have Kimmy cakes to thank for this.

While I love seeing Ye finally happy and settled with someone who is bringing out the gleeful little boy in him, I don’t think she’s bringing out the BEST in him.

You see, Kanye’s music career has been based around the struggles of his own life.

His first hit single “Through The Wire” was about his car accident, broken jaw, and trying to get signed.

He did a whole album, 808’s and Heartbreak, about having a broken heart.

I can’t count all of the intense songs and verses he’s done dissing his ex Amber Rose.

Even his most recent song “Way Too Cold” is all about coming at Kim’s ex-husband Kris Humphries when he fell in love with her!

All of those hits make Kanye the extraordinary artist that he is. The way he approaches his struggle is more unique than almost every other artist.

With all the sh*t he’s been through, he brings it out in music that comes to near genius quality. That’s the stuff his fans turn up the volume for.

I know it may sound selfish, but Yeezy is best when he’s going through it!

I’m not saying that he shouldn’t be happy or with someone that brings out this type of smiley side to him, but I can say I have my doubts about any music he might make in this stage.

I would never wish bad upon anyone, especially a guy like Kanye who’s been through hell and back, but if KimYe came to a nasty end, I know I would have my speakers ready in an instant!

Maybe Yeezy will surprise me and make some classic sounding stuff while he’s happy right now, but I won’t believe it ‘til I hear it!

-Lindsey India

Twitter: @LindseyIndia

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