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Despite being referred to as an “old bitch with the big nose,” comedian Kathy Griffin seems to be flattered by the comments rappers A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown made about her in Noisey’s hilarious “Back And Forth” interview series. 

VIDEO: A$AP Rocky & Danny Brown Talk Sex, Twitter Hoes, & ODB 

Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky and Detroit rapper Danny Brown sat poolside to talk about groupies, Twitter hoes, annoying interview questions, and of course “old bitches.” 

When the topic of conversation turned from sex with Twitter hoes to sex with older women, Kathy Griffin’s name quickly came up. 

Kathy got wind of the interview and dedicated an entire segment talking about the rappers with Anderson Cooper, who seemed to enjoy A$AP and Danny’s interview as much as Kathy. 

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: A$AP Rocky Talks Lana Del Rey Lips & Oral Sex!

Anderson actually made the good suggestion for Kathy to invite the rappers on her late night talk show on Bravo, Kathy

Hopefully, Kathy will make that interview happen, but in the meantime, check out the hilarious recap in the video above!