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Woah! Brad Pitt‘s mother, Jane Pitt, recently expressed her support for Republican President Mitt Romney in a letter to Missouri’s Springfield News-Leader!

In the letter, Jane notes:

“Any Christian should spend much time in prayer before refusing to vote for a family man with high morals, business experience, who is against abortion, and shares Christian conviction concerning homosexuality just because he is a Mormon. Any Christian who does not vote or writes in a name is casting a vote for Romney’s opponent, Barack Hussein Obama — a man who sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church for years, did not hold a public ceremony to mark the National Day of Prayer, and is a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage.”

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Jane’s letter was written in response to an earlier letter written by another reader who argued:

“Traditional Christians believe in gender equality. They believe Mormon theology denigrates women.”

For his part, Brad Pitt was quoted by People Magazine, in 2011, saying: 

“Thanks to the tireless work of so many, someday soon this discrimination will end and every American will be able to enjoy their equal right to marriage.”

Clearly Brad Pitt and his mother shouldn’t discuss politics at the dinner table, as Brad has been a lead celebrity voice supporting the marriage of gay and lesbian couples.

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