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Several important voices have expressed their thoughts and support on Frank Ocean‘s recent reveal about his sexuality and now the queen of all queens has spoken!

Over a black and white photo of the 24 year old, Beyonce shared some words of encouragement.

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Her ending words: “Be in love, Be happy, Be inspiration.”

It’s no surprise Beyonce felt the need to publicly embrace Frank. The two worked together on her 4 album single “I Miss You” and made a creative bond.

In his most recent interview with the New York Times he revealed the diva even cried once he played her the song.

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And there’s no slowing up in the Odd Future member’s career. He recently announced he’ll be hitting the Jimmy Fallon stage, tweeting:

It looks like Frank Ocean has all the right people behind him and surely whatever the label, gay, bi or straight, he’ll be unstoppable nevertheless.

Check out all of Beyonce’s words of encouragement for the singer in the photo above!