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It has been a year since Casey Anthony’s trial wrapped, finding the then 26-year-old mother innocent in the death of her two-year-old daughter Caylee. The verdict threw the nation into an uproar.

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Like with most high-profile cases, after continuous coverage on every major news outlet, there comes a tell-all book, and this one is coming from Casey Anthony’s former attorney Jose Baez, with some shocking claims. 

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In the book, Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story, amongst other things, Casey’s former defense attorney has revealed that the troubled young mom was convinced her father George Anthony had fathered her toddler and murdered the child to hide evidence of sexual abuse.

Now that sh*t CRAY!

As reported by Radar Online:

Baez first alluded to the scandalous allegations in his opening statements at the beginning of the infamous trial stating that George had sexually abused his daughter, a claim that George Anthony has vehemently denied.

“You will hear stories about a family that is incredibly dysfunctional, you will hear about ugly things, secret things, things that people don’t speak about,” Baez said in court.

The attorney also alleged that Casey, now 26, was concerned that George fathered Caylee because he had intercourse with her around the time she became pregnant. However DNA tests later carried out proved that George was not the father.

Although it emerged in the trial that someone in the Anthony household searched the internet for the hazardous chemical “chloroform,” it was not revealed that a number of suicide-related searches were also made, Baez claims.

Baez also claims that there were some suspicious words googled on the family’s computer the day that little Caylee went missing that the jury was never informed about. 

This case still has its corners, and little Caylee won’t get peace until her murderer is behind bars.