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Uncle Rush has debuted the official logo for Tantris! Check it out above!

All yogis get excited! Russell Simmons is launching his yoga line Tantris this coming holiday season.

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Uncle Rush’s line will include womenswear, menswear, yoga mats, pillows, meditation beads and scented candles. Tantris will be released in department stores, health clubs, specialty stores, and spas.

Russell signed a multi-year licensing deal earlier this year, and eventually plans to open Tantris stores, yoga studios, juice bars, and a vegan restaurant.

He told WWD in March that he feels alive and awakened after doing yoga:

“I see yoga brands continuing to grow. I’m doing this because of my passion for yoga, not because I’m that kind of business guy.”

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Tantris will be a great gift this holiday season for all new and established yogis!