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Taylor Gang’s First Lady, Lola Monroe, is gracing the cover of BE Magazine’s second Annual Sexy Summer issue, and she’s dishing on everything from working with Wiz Khalifa, to the diversity of females in the rap game.

VIDEO: LoLa Monroe: Taylor Gang’s Beauty With The Secret Dark Past

Looking uber sexy in a black skirt, an insane push-up bra, and a black, red and gold jacket, Monroe is killing us with her good looks and curves that make her one of the most sought after hip-hop models in the industry.

NEW MUSIC: LoLa Monroe “Fly Away”

Ready to step outside of her modeling element and show off her rapping skills, Lola discusses with BE what it’s like working with Wiz and being the number one lady in Taylor Gang. She reveals:

“After talking to Wiz about the plan, he told me what he had going on and saw everything I had going on in my movement and he wanted me to represent Taylor Gang. The energy was positive and everything worked out.”

Keeping up with her positive energy, Monroe makes it clear that female rap is in a good place and she embraces the diversity of female talent in hip-hop, stating:

“I think female rap is in a really good state because there are a lot more females that are coming out, and I think it’s important for Hip-Hop to have that diversity on a female standpoint.”

Check the cover and a few pics from the D.C. native’s spread in the gallery above and see why BE Mag chose this beauty for their sexy summer issue.