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The Chris Brown and Drake beef has had such an effect in the world of hip-hop, that music enthusiasts and other artists felt the need to share their opinion on the matter.

And A$AP Rocky is the latest to offer his outlook, which is both positive and interesting.

A$AP Rocky Tells All: From Lana’s Lips To Oral Sex Tips!

A$AP expresses how he wants Chris Brown and Drake to make amends, but places blame on the media for how blown out of proportion their feud has become.

He says:

“I wanna see Chris Brown and Drake squash that beef. I hate that everybody is fighting. I just want to promote positivity…because all of those guys are talented. Man, it just sucks that media are hyping this up. That’s what they did to Pac and Biggie. Not saying that it’s ever that serious to that extent, because nobody’s going to die, but I just feel like they could make and break a lot of relationships.”

Aside from addressing that, Rocky speaks on rumors about his relationship with Iggy Azalea.

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Well, not really! Unlike his thoughts on what’s going on between Breezy and his “brother” Drizzy, mums is the word when it comes to his dating life.

A$AP Rocky knows exactly what to say, and not to say!

SOURCE: Necole Bitchie