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Christina Milian is not too satisfied with The-Dream‘s parenting skills!

Proud mama Milian, who spends tons of time with daughter Violet, often expresses via Twitter how close she is to her little one, tweeting things like:

But on the other hand, the 30-year-old “Dip It Low” singer expressed her disappointment in The-Dream not being in his daughter’s life. She told a Houston radio host at the BET Awards Radio Room:

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“All I care about is my daughter. When it comes to the case of parenting and having another parent, I really would like for her to have a father in her life. And I wasn’t really happy at the moment and I’m still not in the best case but I’ve come to the realization that I have to be a 150 – 200 percent mom for her. It’s not about finances. No, it’s about spending time.”

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Christina also began to reminisce on her childhood and how much it meant to her to have a father around. She continued:

“I remember what it was like as a child being raised by my dad and it meant something to me. And he and I actually had an off time when I was a teenager because he had left us for a while but he came back and he’s back in my life and I’m so thankful because he meant a lot to me and he taught me so much and gave me even that little bit of fear knowing that my dad was there to not do the wrong thing with men. All that kind of stuff. So, I just would like that for her.”

But she holds no grudges against her ex-husband, knowing that someday there will be a man in her life that will care and love her.

Check out the complete video below, as the dedicated mom dishes on her daughter’s relationship with her father.

SOURCE: The Box Houston