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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney needs a charismatic running mate in order to end the notion that he is too boring, and give himself a better chance against Obama in November.

Story: No You Can’t! Mitt Romney Gets Booed At NCAAP Event

Romney’s political opponent Barack Obama is regarded as a pretty cool guy. He goes on ESPN to talk basketball, he’s a good athlete, and he appears to be funny and down-to-earth on talk shows. These qualities make him very appealing to the everyday American.

Romney, on the other hand, is a man that can’t make the story of a $200 million Mormon sound interesting.

Between the money, the stiffness, the robotic voice; Romney needs a personable, popular running mate to complement his demeanor, if possible.

As of now, Romney is not helping his cause, because Condoleezza Rice is a lead candidate to be chosen as his Vice-Presidential candidate. She can be just as dull as he is! 

There are limitless options for Romney to choose from, if he wants to avoid saying “Bueller” at his next speech.

Here are a few options to make Romney’s future events less unbearable.


Tom Cruise:

Although a divorced Scientologist that’s had his sexuality questioned is not what the socially conservative Republicans are used to, maybe uniting the unusual team of Mormons and Scientologists is the right move for Republicans who want to seem a little more diverse.


Kanye West:

Talk about the last man you want to see on a power trip. Imagine what the country would look like if Kanye West had that kind of control? Kanye would be picking out all of Mitt’s outfits, and have him become the best dressed man in DC, aside from Kanye himself, who wouldn’t let anyone upstage him. Not too mention you’d be seeing even more of the Kardashians then you do now.


Kim Kardashian:

It would be interesting to see if Romney could keep up with the Kardashians. It would be just like having Kanye in there, except he’d be jealous. Then Mitt would be trying to calm the power couple down like a second Bruce Jenner. He kind of looks like him anyway…


Wiz Khalifa:

Looks like Mitt could use a little bit of Wizdom. Guaranteed he’d be less stiff and robotic when he was up giving his speeches. Only problem is, he’d be leaving halfway through them for Cheetos breaks.


Donald Trump:

If these two teamed up, they wouldn’t even have to run for the election. They could basically buy the country. Team Don-Rom would be the richest duo in history to run as Pres and VP. Maybe if they got the gig, Trump would take tips from Romney on how to do his hair. Say what you want about Romney, but anyone would take that head of hair at 65 years old.



Well, Romney’s already worked for Bain Capital … see what we did there? You can tell by the Dark Knight Rises movie trailer that Bane knows how to get s**t done, and he scares the crap of Batman, and he may be starring in the highest grossing film of all time. That alone would make you want to vote for Romney-Bane 2012.

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