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Amber Heard ain’t digging the drama. 

According to media rumors, Amber and her Rum Diary costar Johnny Depp hooked up and briefly dated, even though he was married to French pop star Vanessa Paradis. 

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But Radar Online reports the two called it quits when Amber realized the media caught onto the couple’s relationship. A source says:

“The crazy thing was that Johnny actually split from Vanessa at the end of last year, so she didn’t break them up, but because they didn’t announce their relationship was over until June, people were painting her as some kind of scarlet lady, which she is far from being.”

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Although the two are still in communication, the bisexual star spends most of her time with her friends and ex-girlfriend. The source explains:

“She really likes Johnny, but she doesn’t like the drama. She isn’t really sure what is going to happen with them, but just wants the attention to cool down before anything progresses.”

If it’s meant to be, we’re sure they’ll make their way back to each other!

SOURCE: Radar Online