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As news came out yesterday that Katherine Jackson had been reported missing, we were all very worried, along with most members of her extended family. 

Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson’s ex-wife and mother to Paris and Prince, also found herself feeling uneasy about Katherine’s status.

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A source told

“Debbie is actively monitoring the situation and is extremely concerned for Katherine. She has tremendous respect and love for Katherine and is also concerned for the children and is angry that Paris has been unable to talk to Katherine for the past week.”

Fortunately, Katherine was found to be in Arizona resting and on a vacation with a family member, according to TMZ earlier this morning.

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The source also talked about how she is not a strong presence in her children’s lives, but still cares for them:

“While Debbie hasn’t been a strong presence in the children’s lives, she loves them tremendously and is concerned for their well being. Debbie and Katherine were able to reach an out of court custody agreement in the months after Michael died. Debbie had no interest in fighting Katherine for custody of the children. However, if Katherine has suffered a health setback, this could very easily end up back in court because Debbie has very strong feelings about Michael’s siblings having any role in caring for the children.”

MJ’s 3 children, Paris, Prince, and Blanket, have had a tough time reaching Katherine all week, which may have been what sparked the fear that she was missing. 

We just hope that all of these family issues can be worked out so that the Jackson family, who has suffered enough, can be happy, safe and healthy. 

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