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Jay-Z and Beyonce are a power couple to be reckoned with.

Duracell picked up on this and pinned the pair for their latest commercial. OK, they didn’t really get the king and queen to star in a commercial together, but they made due with one of the two.  

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The latest commercial for the Duracell Power Mat, directed by none other than Anthony Mandler, follows a young man throughout a day in his life as he keeps his cell phone charged with the Power Mat. 

While at the club, the commercial’s star picks up a phone that’s ringing with the caller ID reading “B.” That’s when the big man on campus, Jay-Z, steps in and requests his phone back. 

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Come on, commercial boy, that’s a party foul! Nobody touches Jigga’s phone, especially not when B is calling. 

Jay’s appearance in the commercial is no coincidence; the Roc Nation boss man is an investment partner in the brand. 

Take a look at the clever commercial in the video above. 

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