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J-Star is the latest emcee from Canada to start doing his thing. 

The kid just dropped his mixtape Free Agent, and his first single “Clap, Clap, Clap,” featuring Twista and Vado, racked up over 71,000 views in no time. Now the guy they are calling #AirCanada is out to prove that Canada has more than just Drake and Bieber. 

J-Star sat down with All Hip-Hop and revealed a little about himself: You’re originally from Jamaica and have citizenship in Canada, correct?

J Star: I was born raised in Jamaica and immigrated to Canada when I was seven. Though I live in Canada, I still consider Jamaica home, and I try to go back every two years. Canada is were we immigrated to, but I’ve lived all over. I’ve lived in Windsor (Canada), Detroit, Philly, Vancouver (Canada), and New York, but at the end of the day, Toronto is home. I rep Toronto, but I show love to all of Canada – that’s why I say “Air Canada.” How are you going about establishing yourself as an Artist and appealing to the U.S. market?

J Star: There are one out of five people trying to break into the music industry right now. New mixtapes are popping up daily on the web and in the streets. You have to separate yourself, so I’ve been doing that with myself and my music. Music is my passion, so I don’t allow what I hear on the outside (musically) to interrupt or sway my own creative process. My network allows me to take my music abroad, touching certain cities with my sound. Music is my baby and I continuing work at it daily. When you have good music it appeals to everyone!

Head over to All Hip-Hop to read the entire interview. 

Meanwhile, download J-Star’s mixtape #FreeAgent