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We think it’s fair to say that Kris Kardashian is one of the savviest women in the industry. 

After catapulting her oldest daughters to the absolute height of fame, she’s turned her direction on making absolute stars out of her youngest daughters, Kylie and Kendall, and based on their latest gig, she’s definitely succeeded. 

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Kylie and Kendall are featured in the September issue of Seventeen Magazine in a full out fall spread. 

The sisters look amazing in the latest fashions for the cold weather, but make it a point to set some things straight about their lives in the accompanying interview. 

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Kudos to the girls for landing the fall cover! 

Check out some excerpts from their interview below:

Kendall Jenner

On trading places with one of her sisters:
“If I could trade places with any of my sisters for a day, it would be Kim. I want to see what it’s like…The only time she sleeps is on the airplane. It’s just crazy. I feel bad for her, but I still want to know what it’s like.”

On her love for Kylie:
“Kim and Kourtney were constantly fighting when they were our age, and then they reached a point where they flipped and loved each other and they were best friends. Now, Kylie is my best friend — we have so much fun…I feel like she brings out the best in me.”

On ‘driving’ her dad crazy:
“[Now that I can drive], my dad goes crazy. He automatically thinks I’m sneaking out if I leave the house without telling him…He calls me and asks where I am and I’m like, ‘I’m getting food! What do you think I’m doing in the middle of the day?'”

On their rumored spinoff:
“It would be about the adventures we go on. We go on lots of adventures. We do crazy stuff! We will kidnap one of our friends or get a group together and go to Disneyland for the night. We do what we want to do. We’re just like, ‘Let’s make it happen! That sounds so fun!'”

Kylie Jenner

On her personality:
“Everyone tells me I’m a lot like Khloe and Rob. I like to have fun, I’m silly, and I keep the mood light.”

On Cody Simpson romance rumors:
“Cody and I are just good friends. That’s it. But we can say that as much as we want and people are still going to gossip.”

SOURCE: Seventeen