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It’s art imitating life, as Lola Monroe and her boo, Bad Boy recording artist Los, jump on a track and make some beautiful music together.

Taylor Gang’s First Lady and King Los premiere the titular track, “Bonnie & Clyde,” off of their upcoming collab mixape. 

VIDEO: Lola Monroe “Exodus 23:1 (Remix)” 

Los takes the lead, rapping:

“Flyer than a helicopter propeller / we spinnin’ / we takin’ off/ n*ggas hatin’, b*tches jealous we winnin’ / won’t take a loss”

Lola follows up with a few mean bars of her own:

“When you see him / you gon’ see me, too / that’s off G-P / that’s how b*tch from DC do / still f*ck with that ‘Dinero’ like a Pesci fan / ain’t too much change / like a Pepsi can”

VIDEO: LoLa Monroe: Taylor Gang’s Beauty With The Secret Dark Past 

An official release date for the collab project has yet to be announced, but with bars like these, you just might want to be on the look out!