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What do you do when you’re used to having everything and suddenly you find yourself with nothing? For many, the answer would be to pack up everything, including your dreams, and head back home to get a new beginning on life. But walk in the shoes of Arian Simone, and you will see that giving up on your dreams is never an option.

Shortly after graduating from Florida A&M, Arian moved to Los Angeles, California with a degree and job under her belt. A month after working, her company was sold and she found herself without a job, with little to no money, eventually sleeping out of her car. But determination, persistence and faith led her to get back on her feet and before Arian knew it, she was working for some of Hollywood’s elite while building a brand for herself at the same time.

Now, the founder of FEARLESS magazine and CEO of Arian Simone Enterprises is stepping into the beauty department with her new beauty line called The Esther Experience.

GlobalGrind sat down with Arian and got the inside scoop on everything from her new beauty venture, to her philanthropic work and desire to start a family in the future.

GlobalGrind: You are the publisher of FEARLESS magazine and you also have a very successful PR career having worked with some of the hottest celebrities out today. But what is it that prompted your latest business venture into beauty products?

Arian Simone: I’ve always been into beauty for one. When I was in college I owned a store and I wanted to do a nail bar. So it was a beauty bar and within there, we used my products. So the beauty bar was the first of the beauty line that I wanted to do.

You say the name of your beauty line, The Esther Experience, was inspired by the story of Queen Esther in the Bible. You also talk a lot about your faith and how your hardships have brought you closer to God. Are you someone who grew up in the church?

I wouldn’t necessarily say heavy, but I did grow up in church. I was in Sunday school and church every weekend as a child.

You are all about being fearless and going after your dreams. What advice would you give someone who is fearful to go after his/her dreams?

I would tell them the benefit of what they would receive from it, because when you are walking and living your purpose, your life is so much more fulfilled. Whatever is holding you back or whatever you are experiencing, it’s because you are choosing to not go forth with it – but once you do, your life is so much more fulfilled.

You have faced a lot of hardships on your path to success, including homelessness and unemployment. Now that you have overcome those defeats, how important is it for you to give back and help others who want to follow in your footsteps?

I think it’s extremely important. To whom much is given, much is required. It’s important that I continue to still learn. With that being said, I even educate kids with the Live Your Dreams program. They have different lesson plans that are pretty much build up based on my career, and for adults I do offer publicity courses.

With FEARLESS magazine, your successful PR career and now a beauty line, how do you find the balance to do everything and keep your sanity?

I don’t take credit for all of it. I have great help. There is a team that works on FEARLESS. There is a team that works on the movie PR. I would just be running myself ragged if I were trying to do everything myself. I would definitely say the key is extra preparation. You pre-plan and everything is better. Since a child I’ve always planned out my day ahead.

Name 3 beauty products you can’t live without.

I can’t live without, maybe mine, and I’m not saying that from a standpoint of promotion, so my body butter. Also, Chris Brown aunt’s skin moisturizer. I can’t live without my MAC makeup products either.

What beauty tip have you carried with you from childhood to adulthood?

Definitely exfoliate your skin. Get rid of the dead cells so your skin always has that nice glow.

What’s next for Arian Simone? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I do plan on growing business-wise with all the things that I have currently. Not really to open things too big during that time. Personally I hope to be married with kids. (Laughs).

Head to Arian’s website to make your Esther Experience purchase and check the video below where the FEARLESS magazine publisher talks in detail about her beauty line.