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Rihanna still has feelings for Chris Brown and she’s not afraid to show it. When the 24-year-old Talk That Talk singer sat down with Oprah in her hometown of Barbados recently, she burst into tears when talking about the Fortune singer.

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When asked about the dreaded Chris Brown incident, Rihanna said, it was “embarrassing” and “humiliating.” She then adds, “I lost my best friend.”

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Back in 2009, Rihanna was beat by Chris Brown after an argument while headed to the Grammy Awards. Oprah went to visit Rihanna in Barbados and admitted her surprise over RiRi’s sensitive nature:

“I thought she would have been kind of a bad-ass kind of a rocker hard-edge woman. Nothing could have been farther from the truth, She was thoughtful. She was very emotional. She was vulnerable.”

You can watch the entire interview on August 19th on the OWN Network.

SOURCE: UsWeekly