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And the plot thickens! 

DETAILS: Timbaland Says Drake Shouldn’t Do An Aaliyah Album Without Him Or Missy

The past few weeks in music have been fueled by rumors of an Aaliyah posthumous album being executive produced by Drake and his best friend/producer Noah “40” Shebib

Over the past week, the following information has been confirmed by Barry Hankerson and his son Jomo Hankerson of Blackground Records:

  1. There is an a posthumous Aaliyah album being made.
  2. Noah “40” Shebib is heavily involved in Aaliyah’s posthumous album and will serve as a co-producer. 
  3. Drake is also a co-producer of Aaliyah’s new album.
  4. Drake will have more than one record on Aaliyah’s new project. 
  5. Aaliyah’s brother allegedly posted on her Facebook that there isn’t an Aaliyah posthumous album (which seems to be an old statement)
  6. Aaliyah’s new album will include about 16 tracks of unreleased tracks. 
  7. Missy Elliott and Timbaland will be involved on Aaliyah’s new project. 

The story behind Aaliyah’s posthumous album has been a confusing one, and has actually gotten more mind-boggling.

DETAILS: CONFIRMED! Timbaland & Missy Will Be On Aaliyah Album  

Aaliyah’s cousin and son of Barry Hankerson, Jomo Hankerson, confirmed in an exclusive interview with Billboard Biz that long time friends of Aaliyah, Timbaland and Missy Elliott, are on board with the new album, but according to Missy Elliott she has “no clue” about a new Aaliyah album. 

Today, a fan tweeted Missy Elliott congratulating her on being involved on Aaliyah’s new album, but then Missy hit everyone with a doozy- no one told her about an Aaliyah album. 


GlobalGrind has no idea what is going on, but rumor has it, that Blackground Records is falling off in the deep end and is using this Aaliyah project to get them back on the map. 

Singer JoJo has been very vocal about her issues with her label, but it seems like she’s in for the long run with Blackground. 

GlobalGrind wouldn’t have guessed that Aaliyah’s posthumous album would be surrounded by so much drama, but we hope Aaliyah’s uncle, Drake, 40, and anyone else who comes on board for the album does Aaliyah justice and maintains her honor. 

Are you surprised that Missy Elliott doesn’t know anything about a new Aaliyah album? 

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