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Though Evelyn Lozada is facing perils in her relationship, we are committed to shedding a little bit of light on her.

News broke late last night that Evelyn was in a physical altercation that landed her in the hospital and husband Chad Johnson (A.K.A OchoCino) behind bars. 

STORY: Chad Johnson Arrested For Allegedly Headbutting Evelyn Lozada!

It is never O.K. under any circumstances to physically harm a woman. At times like this we could all use our spirits lifted a little. 

So as a friendly reminder of just how smoking hot Evelyn really is, take a look at the gallery above for some of her sexiest photos. 

PHOTOS: Evelyn Lozada Reveals How Her Marriage Got Off To A Shaky Start

We have Ev in our thoughts as she sorts out the matters of her personal life. As the old saying goes, you can do bad all by yourself, but it looks like she was looking mighty fine while she was alone in these photos.