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Domestic Violence.

People hear the term and usually assume a guy is putting his hands on his girlfriend/wife.

But it does go both ways. We “men” are not always the cause of in-house violence. Some women aren’t intimidated by guys and will attack a guy or provoke him enough so that he would do something to her.

While verbal arguments are inevitable between couples, since people don’t always agree, they should never escalate into a physical situation.

Recently, the web has been going crazy over Chad “Ochocino” Johnson and Evelyn Lozada‘s domestic violence drama. I don’t really want to get into why they were arguing because it really doesn’t matter if he was cheating or not. But apparently, they got into a yelling match after she found a receipt for condoms in their car; one thing leads to another, resulting in Evelyn being taken to the hospital for lacerations to her forehead after an alleged head-butting. Chad, on the other hand, ended up arrested and dropped from the Miami Dolphins.

Chad says Evelyn head-butted him and she says he head-butted her. Classic “He said, she said.” 

Whether his story is true or hers is true, one thing is for sure: it should not have happened.

I get that people worry about their pride getting hurt by backing down, but it sure as hell beats any criminal charges or damages you have to pay for getting into a physical altercation.

My advice if she head-butted him (which a lot of people think happened, given her on-camera hot temper)….was for Chad to take the proverbial “high road” and walk away and let law authorities know what happened. In my eyes it is never OK for a man to hit a woman, especially considering the physical differences. It’s best to try and avoid situation like these.

My advice if he head-butted her….was for Evelyn to do get away as fast as possible and let police know what happened.

The sad thing about this is that it all could have been prevented if someone would have walked away.

When will people learn their actions always have consequences?




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