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Just two days after Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson got into a domestic dispute over a receipt for a box of condoms, our friends over at TMZ were able to get their hands on the 911 call where Chad was reported to the police.

In the audio, a male neighbor of the couple calls 911 after Evelyn went to his house for help after the heated argument.

TMZ reports,

Chad Johnson’s wife Evelyn Lozada had a bleeding gash on her forehead when she ran to her neighbor for help this weekend … this according to the neighbor — who begged 911 dispatch to keep the whole situation hush-hush.

As we first reported, Evelyn fled to her neighbor’s house following a domestic dispute with Chad Saturday night, during which the NFL star allegedly head-butted her in the forehead.
The neighbor called 911 — telling the dispatcher, Chad “hit her on the head … She has a nice cut on the forehead that I believe is going to need stitches.”

But the neighbor wasn’t just worried about Evelyn’s cut, he was also freaking out about an inevitable media firestorm surrounding the domestic dispute … telling the dispatcher, Chad is a “very high-profile person and we’d like to keep this as quiet as possible.”

He pleaded, “We don’t need the news here.”


The recent domestic dispute between the newlyweds has caused the abrupt cancellation of their upcoming reality show, Ev & Ocho, as well as the forseeable end of Chad’s career as he was cut from the Miami Dolphins.

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