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We will refrain from using the creator’s name in vain, but it may be hard when talking about just how hot Tim Tebow looks on the dual cover of GQ Magazine.

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Sharing the double-sided September issue of GQ with equally as beautiful footballer Cam Newton, the quarterback duo make a dapper choice for the September cover when all the fashion glossies are covered with images of made up models and celebs. 

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The two sharing a cover is no surprise, as they’ve already shared many similar milestones, including winning Heisman Trophies at SEC schools, being two of the most watched young quarterbacks in the game, and being teammates for a short amount of time. 

Check out some excerpts from the interview below: 

Tim Tebow on his words for Jets fans:

“I think if they’re a Jets fan, hopefully they’ll be rooting for me. I’ll do whatever I can to help this team win football games. I’ll give my heart and soul whenever I step on that field and even when I’m on the sidelines. And at the end of the day, that’s really all you can ask of someone.”

Cam Newton on being the backup to Tim Tebow in college:

“If I had said to Tim, ‘Man, can we spend some extra time to study the playbook?’ he would have done it. I didn’t take advantage of what was right in front of me. If I had, maybe his mentality would have hit me sooner. Basically, I was immature and unfocused. I would never, ever make that mistake again.”

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