In an effort to clear their names in the shooting death of 21-year-old Chavis Carterthe Jonesboro, AK police released a reenactment video showing that it’s possible that someone handcuffed in the back of police patrol car can shoot themselves in the head while detained.

STORY: Really?! Jonesboro Police Release A Reenactment Video Of Chavis Carter Shooting

By releasing this video, Jonesboro is trying to prove that the events that happened on the night Chavis’ death are not only plausible, but also probable. We say NO!

The disclaimer at the start of the video reads: 

“The sole purpose of the process was to investigate the possibility that an individual, hand-cuffed behind his back, may or may not have the ability to use a concealed firearm in a manner that would give rise to his or her death.”

May or may not have the ability? The video is proving that it’s possible and case closed.

We’re not buying it, this video only illustrates that the Jonesboro police are sticking to their story that Chavis killed himself and that it is the only explanation as to what happened. But we don’t believe it, they need more people! 

Here is a quick break down of the reenactment video.

First, don’t recreate the arrest and shooting alone, reenact the entire chain of events that led up to the shooting. Show the arresting officers initially searching Chavis and show how they missed the gun.

In the video we see an officer dressed in plainclothes apparel. We don’t know what Chavis was wearing the night he was killed. For all we know, Chavis could have been wearing baggy jeans, baggy enough to hide a weapon, which the arresting officers didn’t find.

Jonesboro police claim that Chavis had the concealed weapon on his body, but why in the video did the prop gun comes out of nowhere? The gun wasn’t already in the backseat as the video points out.

It’s unfair to depict several officers that are about the same size as Carter reenacting the shooting. For one, Police know how to maneuver their bodies when handcuffed; it’s part of their training. Second, using a police officer holds no weight because we don’t know how tight the cuffs were on Chavis’ hand.

The cuffs on the officer in the video were really loose, making it seem that it is possible to move your hands up to your head. 

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