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A new lethal drug has emerged onto the scene in Charleston, West Virginia. It’s describe as a highly potent chemical substance and has killed eight people within the last two days!

At first suspected to be a form of cocaine, the drug was later identified as AM 2201.

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The Charleston DM reports:

Lt. Steve Cooper, chief detective for the Charleston Police Department, said eight people have overdosed on the substance in the last two days. Three were hospitalized Wednesday night and five the day before.

All eight remained hospitalized Thursday evening, but he could provide no information about their conditions. None have been charged.  

At first speculated to be a form of orange crack cocaine, the substance actually is called AM 2201, a synthetic cannibinoid that has been used to coat the potpourri that was sold as synthetic marijuana.

The lieutenant said the powdery substance apparently smoked by those who were sickened was confirmed to be AM 2201. The names of those affected were not released.

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Reportedly an reaction to the drug is immediate and the user were taking the substance in pure form causing them experience extreme anxiety, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, hallucinations, vomiting or seizures.

Hopefully this is under control soon and no one else is subject to the fatal effects.

SOURCE: Charleston DM