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It’s been several months now since Chief Keef stormed onto the hip hop scene with his new movement straight from the streets of Chicago.

Songs like ‘3Hunna’, ‘Bang’ and the hit ‘I Don’t Like’ spread through the online world with the pace of an avalanche speeding down a ski slope. It catapulted the 5 man MC crew, known as Glory Boys Ent. or G.B.E., including Keef onto the ‘Oh Shit, Here They Come!!’ radar of hip hop’s elite. 3 of the rappers in this crew, Lil Reese, Keef and Lil Durk, have all secured individual deals since.

This overnight success story in hip hop has similar parallels to the rise of the iconic rap group N.W.A.. They also had 3 standout rapper’s: MC Ren, Ice Cube and of course Eazy E. But it was the doctor, as in Dr. Dre, who was the architect of the historic sound for the group.

Of course Dr. Dre’s sound ended up saving hip hop’s life in the early 90’s. Well, G.B.E. has a doctor too and his name is Young Chop.
When you first look at Young Chop he could be confused for a high school defensive lineman. He stands about 6’2, has small dreads with a chunky build and a look on his face that could bully most bullies. His eyes and his demeanor are carefully sizing you up move by move. But then he cracks a wry smile and you realize he’s just a big kid having fun, laughing at you.

“I played football. My grandmother and family wanted me to play sports. But then when shit with my music blew up, they was like ‘na na keep making songs’…” he laughs.

It’s hard to believe this big 18 year old kid is the producer of Keef’s biggest records like ‘I Don’t Like, which along with the remix has 26 million views on Youtube. The success of Keef’s music made Chop one of the most sought after new producers in the game. What came next was label meetings, a nice publishing deal and more work with mainstream artist like Big Sean. “He has hot joint about to drop I just did called ‘Getting Gwap’. That should sound nice out there.”

According to Chop, the beginnings of G.B.E. started in school. “They’re all from the 60’s like 64th and I’m from “8-Tre”. We all linked up at high school so it just started from there, from us knowing each other.”

  Hailing from 83rd and Aberdeen on Chicago’s south side, Young Chop now spends his time traveling working between, The Chi, Atlanta and LA. “I’m working on the new Chief Keef ‘Finally Rich’ EP that’s coming soon as well as  Durk and Reese’s debuts”. Chop is also 1/3 of a production collective known as BandCamp which also includes beats-makers Paris Bueller and Poo Mack.

Unlike the rappers of G.B.E., Chop prefers to elude the spotlight and just work. He mention’s if he’s not working with other artist such as Freddie Gibbs or Future he’s listening to as much music as he can.

“I’m really feeling Roscoe Dash, Jeezy, dudes like Gucci Mane and Flocka.”

Chop is also excited about Chicago’s new generation of artists. “The Chi is on fire right now. We got L.E.P., Rampage, Y.P., Johnny Mae Cash, Chella H, Shawnna and Tink. Of course we got my entire team G.B.E., as well as artists like E-Day and Bo Deal thats all making noise”
So what’s next for the new kid on the block Young Chop? He quickly announces the mixtape that’s about to drop featuring his artist Johnny May Cash. This mixtape will also feature artist off his new label 8Tre Music Group. Chop is also wants people to stop spreading nonsense rumors and creating confusion.

“First off, me and Chief Keef didn’t break up. There’s rumors out there, I don’t know how it started, but people are making it seem like because of things are popping for us now that we all like fell out..”, he laughs.

 “Our whole team G.B.E. is straight. And understand G.B.E. is the 5 guys: Keef, Reese, Durk, Fredo and SD plus myself. OTF is their hood and I’m affiliated with that as well. SD and Fredo are signed to G.B.E. so we’re all good..” Nuff’ said.
Brandon ‘TNT’ West

Music Exec / Industry Insider/ The Andy Rooney of Hip Hop Culture

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