It’s hard balancing a career of your own, and a family, especially when your husband is not only a star basketball player, but also an Olympian!

While Carmelo Anthony was out gunning for the gold representing Team USA in the London Olympics, La La still had a season of La La’s Full Court Life to film while on the road. So she packed up the fam, and the camera man, and headed to London to help support her husband and the USA Men’s Basketball Team. 

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We caught up with the lovely La La to talk about her time in London at the Olympics and how filming the reality show has changed her personal life, and if the pressure to be perfect is ever present. 

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Check out the exclusive interview below: 

GlobalGrind: So you were out in the U.K. celebrating the Olympics, Carmelo brought home a gold. How did you guys celebrate that?

La La: We had a huge party in London the night that they won, with all the players, and it was fun because we don’t all get to party like that together. We have friendships with all of them, but you’ll hang out with one at one time and another at another time, so to hang out with everybody together was just amazing. We had so much fun, and to be London was even more awesome. Swizz Beatz actually flew in, and was deejaying. Nas performed. It was just a crazy party. It was so good!

So outside of partying and enjoying the gold while you were out there supporting, what was your favorite thing that you did?

I was filming. I really didn’t have a lot of free time, so it sounds great to say, partying and having fun, but I just kept wanting more and more free time because I was filming a lot. It was great because filming my show out there, people here in the States got to see a behind-the-scenes of what was going on in the Olympics, and what was going on with the makeup line. Everyone isn’t able to go out to London … I feel like bringing the show there gives people a taste of that.

How is this season of La La’s Full Court Life going to differ from the other seasons? Is there anything the fans can look forward to seeing that they haven’t seen yet?

It’s me continuing to expand myself, my brand and my family, and still the constant juggling that everyone does. Anybody who works between family life, being a mom, and having a career, and also living in two places – L.A. and New York – but this season’s really about watching me take all that stuff to the next level, and just following me on my journey. Of course, you still have Dice and Po reaching different areas of their lives. They’re both single now, so we’re following them now living that life. It’s still all the fun moments you’re used to, just turned up.

Do you ever get over the cameras being everywhere? When you’re not filming you’re like, “Oh My God! I finally get a chance to do this!”

Yeah, of course! Like anything else, it can get overwhelming after a while, but you know what you signed up for when you hear “reality show”… to shoot a whole reality show can take about three months for one season. People think it’s 24 hours, from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep, it doesn’t really work like that.

You seem to be one of those people that nobody ever says anything bad about. Do you feel the pressure to be perfect?

I live my life on television how I live my life off television … I don’t take my position for granted. I just continue to work hard.

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