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At one time or another, hip-hop fans have wondered, “Who is Molly?” 

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She’s in all the hottest rappers’ lyrics now, and everyone seems to be in love with a girl named “Molly.”

For those who haven’t caught on, Molly is the code name for the drug MDMA, also known as the pure form of ecstasy. 

Over the past year, rappers have been having a weird obsession with Molly and all of her friends. 

From Mary Jane and Aunt Hazel, to King Ivory, Peter Pan and Elvis, rappers have a lot of “friends” who help them get lifted.

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Rappers like Danny Brown and French Montana have named songs after the illicit drug, but pick any song by Juicy J, and we bet Molly is somewhere close by. 

Young Money general Lil Wayne used to be a promethazine fiend, but now he’s dating Molly. 

After 2 Chainz’s recent break down of Molly in his interview with Sway In The Morning, GlobalGrind decided to round up 10 rappers who love that special lady. 

Check out 2 Chainz and other rappers who love Molly. 

2 Chainz – “Beez In The Trap” Feature 

“I don’t smoke no Bobby, but my denim be from Ricky/Got your girl a molly and we smoke loud and drinkin’/ Got my talk back so you can see what I been thinkin’”

Danny Brown – “Molly Ringwald”

“Triple that molly on the top front tip/Chillin’ in the deep I ain’t going nowhere/Ho suck me off then said take care/Off a Drake CD don’t go there”

Mac Miller – “Willie Dynamite”

“Bitches like to f-ck em doggy/Probably off some Molly got me turning into polygons/On and on, DJs putting on my song”

Jay-Z – “Empire State Of Mind”

“MDMA got you feeling like a champion/the city never sleeps better slip you an ambien.”

Kanye West – “Mercy”

“Something about Mary, she gone off that Molly/Now the whole party is melted like Dali”

Rick Ross – “Pop That” Feature

“Talkin four door Bugatti/ I’m the life of the party/Let’s get these hoes on the Molly”

Juicy J – “Get Higher”

“Take the blunt, dip it in the lean, then light it/Pop a Molly, drink some orange juice, get higher”

Lil Wayne – “Roman Reloaded” Feature

“Pop a molly smoke a blunt/That mean I’m a high roller”

French Montana – “Molly”

“Now you know im on that molly/told her im not tryna polly”

Gunplay – “M1”

“Every Molly got my body feelin’ like I’m outer body/I’ll be high and above the rim, Amare Stoudemire”