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Prince Harry ended up in hot water earlier this week when photos of him butt-ass naked during a wild party in his Vegas VIP suite ended up online. The Royal Family is used to dealing with a little bit of embarrassment from their wild card family member.

DETAILS: The Blame Game! The Royal Family Is Bloody Mad With…

Speaking of family, isn’t it funny how most families seems to have a wild one? From the Knowles to the Royals, there’s always that pair of siblings who are total opposites. 

Harry is always out clubbing, drinking and flirting with chicks, while buttoned up William is super straitlaced. He’s gonna be the King of England, after all! 

So in honor of Prince Harry’s bonehead mistake, we’d like to highlight some of the most extreme cases of opposite siblings in hip-pop! Check it out. 

Beyonce and Solange. These two sisters are alike in so many ways, but also ultra different. Beyonce dyes her hair blonde, while Solange rocks a natural fro, and even once shaved her hair all off. Beyonce is the biggest star in the world and Solange is quickly becoming one of NYC’s hottest DJs who does all the cool, hip parties. Bey sings ballads, Solange sings with indie rockers like Of Montreal. Solange had a baby when she was a teen, Bey waited a long awhile to pop out Blue Ivy. 

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were destined to be superstars. Yet somewhere along the way, MK went one way and Ash the other. Mary Kate publicly battled anorexia and is now dating Nick Sarkozy’s brother, a man 20 years her senior. Ashley always stuck to her blonde locks and dates young Hollywood guys like Justin Bartha. 

Winning! Emilio Estevez and his brother Charlie Sheen are total opposites. Charlie Sheen went on the ultimate bender and opened up about his hardcore drug use, while creating some of the coolest catchphrases of the year. Emilio was the coach from Mighty Ducks and a member of the ’80s Brat Pack. Talk about squeaky clean…

Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan. These two sisters have created separate paths for themselves. Lindsay recently posed for Playboy, while constantly battling media pressures, substance abuse and run-ins with the law. Ali has been working her way towards becoming a well-known model and stays away from the Hollywood party scene. 

Roger and Bill Clinton. One was the President, the other was arrested for drunk driving and became a rodeo clown. Enough said. 

Charlie and Eddie Murphy might look alike, but their paths to fame were totally different. Eddie is one of the highest grossing actors in Hollywood. Charlie Murphy is a freaking thug! He got into a fight with Rick James. Actually he beat the shit out of him for getting out of a line in a nightclub. The Nutty Professor’s bro is a badass. 

Trace and Miley Cyrus both followed in their father’s musical footprints, but standing next to one another they stand out. Trace is covered in tats- his body is marked up like the subway in Harlem! Miley looks like a sweet and innocent girl who sang pop music and played Hannah Montana. Although, these days with her new short pixie haircut and piercings, maybe Miles is taking a page out of her bro’s style book…

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