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Is this art … or something else?

A Spanish magazine has come under fire for photoshopping a picture of First Lady Michelle Obama on the cover of their latest issue – topless.

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The cover of the latest issue of Magazine de Fuera de Serie, depicts Michelle Obama’s face in a 19th century portrait of a slave with an exposed breast.

The editors of the Spanish magazine feel as though the cover isn’t racist, but is inspirational considering the country had abolished slavery six years prior, and the portrait was thought of as an inspiring symbol of both women’s and black people’s rights.

The original portrait was created in 1800 by French artist Marie-Guillemine Benoist and titled “Portrait D’Une Négresse.” 

Many bloggers and magazine editors are calling the portrait racist, claiming it serves no real social purpose.

Isn’t being the first black First Lady inspiration enough?

SOURCE: Magazine de Fuera de Serie 

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