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Singer Pink firing shots at Chris Brown, that’s that sh*t #TeamBreezy don’t like!

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There are a few fan bases people cannot mess with, the “Beliebers,” #TeamBreezy, Beyonce stans, #RihannaNavy, Directioners, and Gaga’s little monsters, but apparently, Pink didn’t get the warning. 

Earlier this year after Chris Brown’s American Music Awards, Pink hopped on Twitter to express what she thought of the “Turn Up The Music” singer’s performance. 

Pink criticized Chris Brown’s performance when she tweeted, “One day if I lipsync, I hope I do it as well as him.”

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Pink’s statement instantly infuriated #TeamBreezy, who attacked the “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” singer on Twitter. 

In a recent interview, Pink dished about her haters, specifically pointing out Chris Brown’s fans, stating:

“The internet has created monsters. People that wouldn’t have the balls to say anything in person but they get a keyboard under their fingers and, well, there’s that saying, ‘Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority’. There are so many haters in the world, so many miserable people. It was a joke. It wasn’t even meant like, ‘I hate Chris Brown’. Twitter brings out the best and worst in people – myself included. With the Chris Brown thing I got death threats for days. My favourite was, ‘I will snatch you within an inch of your life’. I don’t know how that works exactly, but whatever you want.”

Damn, guess #TeamBreezy ain’t nothing to f*ck with. 

Hopefully, #TeamBreezy will stand down next time. 

SOURCE: EntertainmentWise

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