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Hip-hop producer Bangladesh stirred up some beat beef with fellow producer Swizz Beatz last month. 

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After a journalist reported that the “A Milli” producer claimed Swizz Beatz was “irrelevant,” the music blogs hopped on the producer’s comments as a diss.

Initially, Bangladesh came out on Twitter stating his comments were taken out of context and that the reporter was asking him about Swizz Beatz while he was discussing another topic.

Swizz Beatz later came out, calling Bangladesh a “clown” for his statements.  

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In a recent interview with our friends at ThisIs50, Bangladesh elaborated on the interview that made headlines on all the hip-hop blogs. 

“I said it, but the interview wasn’t about that. When I said that, it wasn’t about that because I didn’t elaborate what I meant. So [the journalist] just took it and ran with it and made it bigger than what it actually was. It wasn’t even about Swizz. I wasn’t attacking another black man. Swizz, we go way back, man. We did business already, so I already talked to the man through Twitter. I know he seen it. He ain’t respond, but it’s all good. It ain’t nothing, man.”

Bangladesh still stands by his story of being taken out of context, but maybe if the journalist had let him finish, this wouldn’t have been a big deal. What do you think? 

SOURCE: ThisIs50