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During the last couple of weeks, Nicki Minaj has been getting a lot of heat from rapping that she wasn’t going to vote for Barack.

PHOTOS: Barack & Nicki Are The New Power Couple

At GlobalGrind we thought this sounded a little strange, considering we know that they have been close friends for so long…

So we did a little digging and found the Top 10 best BFF moments that the two have shared over the years! Take a look…

1. Hunting Down Osama bin Laden

2. Watching the US Basketball Team play Brazil with Joey B

3. Making friends in the Oval Office

4. Walking Bo the dog

5. Meeting with the Pope

6. Hoopin it up

7. Family photo time!

8. Signing the Lily Ledbetter Act (Nicki is a huge fan of this!)

9. Getting sworn into office

10. Getting ready and hyped before the DNC

Share with your friends to get the word out that Barack and Nicki are not beefing. There are lots more where this came from!

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