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President Obama will have a new face on NBC’s Saturday Night Live comedy show in its upcoming 38th season.  

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Taking over for actor Fred Armisen, actor/comedian Jay Pharoah will impersonate the king of cool Commander-in-Chief throughout the show’s election season.  

SNL took heat for assigning the role of the country’s first African American president to a white actor in 2008. The show’s executive producer, Lorne Michaels, told the New York Times that he thought it was time to shake things up and feels that 24-year-old Pharoah has come into his own. 

Jay, who has been a featured on SNL for the last two years, won us over with his hilarious and acute impersonations of Hollywood stars like Will Smith, Eddie Murphy and ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.  

Playing a political nominee running for president on SNL is a big deal, being that the role has the ability to take the careers of actors to the next level, like it did for Tina Fey who killed playing Sarah Palin and Will Ferrell, when he portrayed George W. Bush.  

We can’t wait to see how Jay’s new role will propel his career and LOL at his priceless skits!