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MERCY! Kanye West has been the most powerful force in hip-hop over the last couple of years. It’s clear BET realizes it, because they just hit the rapper/producer with 17 BET Hip-Hop Award noms. Coming in after Kanye is 2 Chainz, who was nominated 13 times, and Drake, who grabbed 11 nominations. The 7th annual BET Hip-Hop Awards will air on October 9th. [HuffingtonPost]  

Florence + the Machine appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, where they performed their hit “Spectrum (Say My Name).” The band also did a special rendition of “Balls In Your Mouth,” the BP Oil protest song originally performed by Eddie Vedder and Fallon. [ConsequenceOfSound]

Jammie Thomas-Rasset has been in court battling the RIAA for five years. She is being sued for downloading and sharing 24 songs back in 2006. Recently, the courts denied her latest appeal and she owes the RIAA $222,000. [SPIN]

It’s about time! Legendary rap band The Roots will be getting their own mural in the city they help put on the map, Philadelphia. [Pitchfork

Our girl Christina Aguilera did a pretty cool Q/A session on Twitter yesterday. She revealed some new tidbits about her forthcoming album, including the cover art and release date for her next single, “Your Body.” [Rolling Stone]