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Heidi Klum just confirmed this past week that she is currently dating her bodyguard, and now the two have just been spotted on a date!

Martin Kristen, the man who has been protecting Heidi and her family for the past 4 years, took Heidi to the Beverly Hills hotel for a brunch date yesterday afternoon.

VIDEO: Heidi Klum Confirms She Is “Fornicating With The Help”

The 39-year-old model was spotted smiling from ear to ear while in the car with her new bodyguard boo.

While rumors ran wild that the two were dating since her ex-husband Seal claimed they were seeing each other for awhile now, it turns out those reports are true.

Even though they’ve been dating for some time, Heidi did confirm that she was not seeing him, or any man, while she was married to Seal, despite him claiming she was “fornicating with the help”.

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We’re glad that Heidi looks happy again to be with someone, and we hope that her and Seal can keep a good relationship for their children!

Check out the gallery to see some pictures of Heidi with her bodyguard boo!