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There is no place like home.

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz knew this and London-based designer, Dominic Wilcox believes it. So much so, that he made a bespoke shoe that will literally direct you home!

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With the help of a GPS locator in the heel of the shoe, activated by clicking your heels like Dorothy, you can find your way home. The front of both shoes contains directional lights to help you navigate your selected destination by distance and direction. The right shoe LED dots specify distance, while the left shoe points the direction in which to go.

Sure you have a smartphone that can probably do the same thing, but how many times have you had a dead phone and couldn’t find your car or your destination? The “No Place Like Home” shoes could come in handy in such a situation.

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These bespoke prototype shoes were commissioned by Global Footprint and are currently part of Wilcox’s solo exhibition at KK Outlet in London until September 26th. If you would like to see the Bespoke GPS shoe in action, you can have a look at the video below or some of the still shots in the gallery above!