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Stylist to the stars, Mike B., has long been known as one of the premiere male stylists in the hip-hop space, starting his career with Bad Boy in the nineties. 

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GlobalGrind had the opportunity to follow the veteran stylist to find out what exactly goes into the makings of not only his personal style, but his life as a stylist. 

From grabbing a quick brunch, to styling Mike Epps while he was in town with the cast of Sparkle, we trailed Mike B. to learn more about his passions.

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During the trip, Mike B. also took the time to explain what builds not only his personal style, but he also breaks down what it takes to be a style icon. 

Check out the video above of stylist Mike B. sharing the art of his personal style, and be sure to share it for a chance to win $500 HERE!