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Wedge sneakers are in in a big way, and unlike with many trends, we can trace this one right back to its place of origin: Isabel Marant. 

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The designer generously combined two things that every woman is looking for, comfort and fashion, and created a cult hit that every single fashionista has to own. A pair of the designer’s wedges is going on eBay for price ranges that involve commas, but the designer revealed the simple inspiration behind something she has been doing since high school. had the opportunity to catch up with the designer while she was opening her newest Paris store. 

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Check out what she had to say about the humble beginnings of the wedge sneaker. 

Fashionista: You have a knack for creating these items that people go crazy for, like the wedge sneakers. Did you even see that coming? The original ones go for over a thousand dollars on eBay now. 

Isabel Marant: That’s crazy! I knew when I did them that they would be a hit, but to this point, no.

How did you come up with them?

It’s something I did since I was a teenager. I would cut up cork and put pieces of cork into my sneakers because I wanted to look taller. And I always thought about this, what I was doing when I was young, and I thought I should really achieve something around this idea. Sneakers are so comfortable but at the same time it’s not very elegant. To have a little heel in it makes a difference, it gives you legs–I mean, I know women, I am a woman, so I know what we are searching for!

Yes! You wanted a little lift!

It’s always about bringing self-confidence. I’m like every woman, so I try to work on how to look slimmer or how to look taller but not being overdressed. I think most of the time when you dress in the morning, you go towards something that’s very pretty but at the end you say, ‘Ah, no, I’m having a hard day, I need to have something easy that I’m not afraid to break.’ It’s a balance of fashion and a way of life.

Imagine all of that innovation in high school! Be sure to head over to Fashionista for the full article and check out Beyonce rocking her pair in the photo below.

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