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We’re on day four of the Gunplay vs. G-Unit saga, and we are still trying to piece together exactly what happened. 

VIDEO: Does Gunplay Want To Kill 50 Cent?! 

First, what we do know: During the BET Awards on Saturday night, MMG member Gunplay got jumped by a number of G-Unit members (anywhere between five to eight.) On Sunday, footage of Gunplay putting it on some dude before getting pepper spayed himself hit the ‘net.

On Monday, Gunplay called into the Breakfast Club and broke down what happened, saying he went up against a number of G-Unit members by himself, losing his chain in the process. 

We heard Gunplay’s side, now here’s G-Unit’s.

VIDEO: Gunplay Allegedly Jumped By Five Members Of G-Unit In BET Brawl 

Philly-native Mike Knox was on the Hot 107 show in Philly, and he talked about the altercation. He said:

“The only thing I can tell you is he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he was acting a certain kinda way that he shouldn’t have been actin’ and he got dealt with as if he was gave a package, a bundle, in the hood and he messed it up or he didn’t pay his credit for the dope that he be using. So, he got dealt with…He got his ass kicked.” 

Mike Knox also spoke about Gunplay’s assertion that 50 Cent was there. Mike said that this was simply not true:

“People always try to make it look like [50 Cent] is attached to something negative. That’s not his thing. He wasn’t there for that. They fail to realize that this is a very touchy situation. Chris Lighty was his manager for many years…You’ve never seen 50 put no beefs aside. So for him to put all that to the side, to do that for Chris and communicate with [Fat Joe], you should know we wasn’t there for [a fight].”

This morning, Gunplay continued his media circuit run around by calling Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds, Peter Rosenberg and K. Foxx on their morning show. He basically said the same thing he did on Power 105, while adding that he’s not willing to squash the beef with 50:

“Ah nah, I don’t shake hands. Never, never, never. I never shook hands with anybody. I got beef with kids in elementary school and if I see ’em now, I’ma jump ’em.”

Check out Mike Knox’s interview up top and Gunplay’s interview on Hot 97 below.

Update: Some new footage of the fight just hit the net. In it, we clearly see 50 Cent and Tony Yayo walking with a number of other G-Unit members. A fight breaks out, but it’s not clear who initiates what or if 50 himself threw a punch. All we know is Gunplay ended up on the gate, the police cleared the scene with pepper spray and Gunplay went on attack mode, before he got hit with the pepper spray himself. Check out the new fight footage below.

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