Are Karrueche and Chris Brown getting back together?! 

At the very least, they may be trying to work things out.

Early yesterday morning, paparazzi spotted Karrueche and her Porsche Panamera parked outside of her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown’s home in Hollywood, California.

PHOTOS: Karrueche and Chris Brown Attend A Friend’s Dinner Party

Last week, we thought things were over between the former couple thanks to subliminal tweets and Chris’ time spent with Rihanna. But according to paparazzi spies, Karrueche has been over at Chris’ for the past couple of days. 

However, this weekend, the stylist beauty was seen living the single girl life, hopping out of the Porsche to hit up the club and enjoy full VIP treatment at Greystone Manor. 

VIDEO: Karrueche Parties It Up At Greystone Manor

If you’re wondering how things are with Rihanna and Chris Brown, we will just have to wait and see. If you’re wondering if Rihanna is going to be alright, all you have to do is look at her Twitter.

She wrote, “You ask me if I’m alright… Nigga is you blind?!?”

Seems like we have our answer. Let the love triangle continue…

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