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Although President Barack Obama is expected to win the Black vote by 95 percent in November, Stacey Dash made it clear that she is one of the very few African Americans who does not support his re-election campaign – and she received a firestorm of backlash for doing so.

Last night on CNN’s Piers Morgan, the actress sat down with the British host to talk about the racially-charged attacks aimed at her after she tweeted she would be voting for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Many of the Clueless star’s fans weren’t pleased when she told her followers that Romney is “the only choice for your future.” However, much of the negative feedback criticized her for being a Black woman who is supporting the conservative candidate.



In response, Dash kept it classy and expressed that she, like everyone else, is entitled to her own opinion.

During her interview on CNN, the former Single Ladies star downplayed the criticism and told Piers that although she doesn’t feel angry or offended by the negativity, she was “saddened and shocked” by the attacks, which made her realize that there is a lack of unity in America.

“I think it tells me that our, the state of our country is that we are not united. We need to be united, and we all need to understand that we’re all capable of achieving the American dream. But that has to be something that is self-realized. And also to demonize someone for achieving the American dream is unfair.”

The 46-year-old actress and former Obama supporter also explained when and why she began supporting Money Mitt’s candidacy and made it clear that she does not vote based on a nominee’s skin color.

“I chose him not by the color of his skin, but the content of his character.”

She continued:

“They spoke to me and they seemed authentic and genuine in what they said about this country and the need for us to be united and move forward.” 

Lucky for her, she said Paul Ryan reached out to thank her for her support and stepping out against the grain.

Although Dash’s reasons for supporting Romney lacked substance and may leave us bewildered, she still is entitled to her own political opinions and should not be attacked for doing so.