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Ever since Mitt Romney talked about Big Bird during the presidential debate, Sesame Street has been fighting back.

Now, Chris Mecham and Michael Bellavia are organizing a ‘Million Muppet March’ for “keeping full employment for all Muppets”.

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, protestors would be working to make sure that public broadcasting funds would remain since Romney wants to take away if elected.

So far, the Facebook page in support of the movement has gotten over 11,000 likes, and 440+ people have RSVP’d for the event.

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Michael Bellavia told THR:

“The route is to be finalized early next week but the aim is to gather on the Mall likely near the Smithsonian and walk with puppets in tow to the western grassy area by the Capitol building. The ultimate mission is to show support for public media and public broadcasting.”

The two have also stated that they want people to dress as muppets from the show while they march to Capital Hill.

SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter